Earthquake Preparedness and Response
Learn more about earthquake preparedness and response from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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October Health Topic
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Prepare for Seasonal Emergencies.
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News and Announcements
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
60 Congress Street – Floor 1
Springfield, MA 01104-3419

Coalition Communities
Our goal is to improve the quality of residents’ life by saving lives and property by coordinating and collaborating with the county’s public health entities and volunteers and by addressing health disparities and special needs populations.

Responsibilities Include:
• Developing All-Hazards Emergency Dispensing Plans for each of the 19 communities
• Updating all health departments’ Continuity of Operation Plans (COOP)
• Working with the Medical Reserve Corps and other response partners to support recruitment and training of volunteers, and to enhance the county’s resilience to disasters
• Reaching out to special populations and their designated organizations ensuring the availability of resources for their personal preparedness plans
• Working with other public health entities to raise awareness around public health issues among Hampden County residence

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